Anti Bird Net

The anti-bird net is a net that serves as protection for the various plantations, such as orchards, preventing the attack of birds. Its structure allows the passage of air and sunlight, but also protects from the wind. It features an anti-UV treatment that gives it a long shelf life. We have four types of anti bird net available - industrial black with rope, small producers green, extruded green and extruded white with rope.
Easy to apply
technical data
Industrial Black Rope:
Sizes - 100m x 8m / 10m / 12m / 14m / 20m / 30m
Mesh - +/- 2x2 
Presentation - Bale

Small Green Producers:
Measurements - 2x5m / 2x10m / 4x6m / 4x12m / 4x250m
Presentation - Roll

Extruded Green:
Measurements - 500x12m (other measurements upon request) 
Mesh - 2x2
Presentation - Roll 

White Extruded with Black Rope:
Measures- 500x2m 
Mesh - 2x2
Presentation - Roll
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