Agricultural Thermal Blanket

The thermal blanket protects your crops from temperature variations, especially the lowest ones (frost and hail). Its fabric allows the circulation of air and water, and does not damage plants and crops. The application of the thermal blanket makes it possible to create a uniform climate, accelerating the plant's cultural cycle and its yield.
Easy to apply
technical data
Measures - 500m length x 1m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 1.6m / 2m / 2.2m / 2.4m / 3.2m width
250m length x 4.2m / 5.2m / 6.3m / 7.4m / 8.4m / 9.2m / 9.6m width
Thickness - 17gr/m2
Color - White
Presentation - Roll
Plantations with very low temperatures
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