Established on 18 January 1980, João Violas Filho Lda inherited its name from an old manual rope factory created in 1930. Later, in 1947, this factory extinguished its manual production to create a new company with mechanized processes in association with other regional manufacturers.

Currently, João Violas Filho Lda is dedicated to wholesale and trading activities, selling various products aimed at different sectors of activity, with a main focus on agriculture, packaging, gardening and construction.

In 2006 and 2011, two companies of the group were created:  Enfios Lda - dedicated to the production of yarns and ropes,  and Plastuga Lda - manufacture of yarns used on the production of agricultural nets.

Due to this close connection with these two companies, João Violas Filho Lda, offers a wide variety of yarn and rope products adapted to the needs and specifications of our customers.
Company João Violas Filho
Our mission is to meet our customers' needs with excellence, focusing on proximity and establishing relationships of trust. 
We offer our partners high quality solutions, aimed at various industries and always focused on high performances.
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The wide range of items sold and the growing evolution in the trade of specialized products makes João Violas Filho Lda a reference partner in several industries. 
Despite the strong emphasis on the agricultural sector, offering a varied assortment of agrotextile products and accessories for agriculture, the company continuously invests in other industries, namely: construction, packaging, gardening and cordage.